Chapter 4 – Episode 3 | Creative

Chapter 4 – Episode 3 | Creative


Everybody is creative.

Think about the solutions you’ve come up with in every facet of your life. Big ones. Small ones. Simple. Complicated. What about the times you’ve seen somebody struggling with something and the creative solution is quite obvious to you. Creativity is obvious… to you. Some of us have high internal clock speeds and others, slow. Your clock speed has no relation to your intelligence, creativity or ability to see the obvious. The fast ones seem to be sparkly and the slow ones, mundane. But do you really want a sparkly one to do your taxes, or the mundane one to do your hair? No. Everyone and everything in its time and for its purpose. We can’t survive without any of them. Your gifts, talents and abilities are absolutely mission-critical for the world around you. Everyone is creative. Everyone is unique and everyone is needed. You just need to get in touch with the creative genius inside you and share its obviosity with the world at large. Every day.

We are all creative by nature. For example, you look a lot like your parents. And setting aside the metaphysical, they created you. Granted, your Mother contributed the blood sweat and tears and Dad just contributed to the fun part. But, they both contributed to your creation. And since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you can create stuff (and other people,) too. Not much of a stretch.

Life is inexhaustible and goes on with or without us. That being the case, so does creativity. Whatever you believe the source of life to be on this planet, we can all agree that it is irrepressible and relentlessly ongoing. It cannot be utterly destroyed. But even from the darkest ebb, it will reemerge triumphant. Undaunted. Eternal. You are part of that. It is part of you. Tap into it.

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