Chapter 4 – Episode 2 | Creative

Chapter 4 – Episode 2 | Creative


But, creativity is not in any way limited to the arts. (Once again, somebody give a paper bag to the Art Majors and have them breathe into it. They’re starting to hyperventilate.) My question became, ”What’s art got to do with it?” Speaking of Art, he always used to say, “You have to be creative to be an artist, but you don’t have to be an artist to be creative.” It seems people tend to confuse artistic ability with creative ability. That’s elitist and I am not.

I was seeing creativity everywhere I looked. Who came up with the Zip-Loc bag let alone Velcro? Why isn’t the person who invented duct tape ruling the world? How did they get Teflon to stick to pans, when nothing sticks to Teflon? My childish curiosity has never failed me. Now I am astounded by how the articulated joint on the Keurig works and how my computer senses my frustration level and arbitrarily shuts down a feature or sub-routine in response. Somebody thought of those things and brought them into reality. Creative people. People who can do stuff I can’t even imagine, effortlessly. Just because it’s who they are and what they do.

Creativity comes in every flavor and a few that aren’t. That’s just it, somebody is going to have to think of that flavor and make it happen. Maybe it’s you. I don’t know. Do you?

Each of us recognizes that there are things that are easy and clear to us, that other people just don’t see. The guy who invented the safety pin was just idly bending a piece of wire while sitting in the Patent Office waiting room to get another of his inventions patented. What about the Flow-Bee? Or the first guy that thought a raw oyster must be food? And what about “Happy Accidents”? Post-It notes came out of a failed” adhesive. Charlie Goodyear accidentally dropped sulphur in a pot of molten goo and created an entire industry based on Vulcanized Rubber. Were these just accidents or did they just realize the obvious value of what was directly in front of them? I vote for the latter.

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