Chapter 4 – Episode 1 | Creative

Chapter 4 – Episode 1 | Creative


“I can’t even draw a straight line.”

So, what.

“But, you don’t understand. People can’t even recognize my stick people.”

Don’t care.

You’re still creative no matter what so-called “evidence” to the contrary that you can present to me. I contend that you are creative. But, more than that, I am absolutely certain that you have creativity residing within you.

Let me explain. I remember the first time I bumped into the concept of my own creativity. Based on my recollection of which house we were living in at the time, I must have been between 3 and 4 years old. I had just finished my latest masterpiece; a portrait of a cardinal (the bird, not the guy with the little red hat.) It was a magnificent piece by my estimation and a visitor in our home concurred.

“That’s a beautiful picture of a cardinal,” he said. Perhaps the brilliant red color and the red triangle on the top of its head was a dead giveaway. I had certainly given the ol’ Red Crayola a workout on this one. Worked it right to the bone. I didn’t want anyone to mistake what color my cardinal was.

“You could be a commercial artist someday.” He had piqued my interest, as much as one can pique anything on a 4 year old.

“What’s that?” I innocently responded.

“Oh, they draw pictures all day and people pay them for it.”

I knew in that moment that my life’s trajectory had been set. “That’s for me.” I said in my little head and cherished the notion from that point forward.

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