Chapter 3 – Note 3 | Oblivious

Chapter 3 – Note 3 | Oblivious


Then there’s the obstacle of having to eat humble pie. Revealing the obvious often encompasses one’s necessity to change a personal paradigm. You will have to have the courage to be willing to endure the mockery of others when you state an obvious truth that stands in direct opposition to a position you previously held. You will have to have the courage to change… and grow. Revealing the obvious is not easy or comfortable. But the good news is, “Your comfort zone will kill you.” Fortunately for you, you can avoid that and have decided by this point to “give this ‘obvious thing’ a go.” Just remember: “There is no try. Only do.”

What is obvious to you is NOT obvious to others. Yes, it takes courage to be aware of, let alone reveal the obvious. But, the rewards far outweigh the risks. People who once were put off by you for shaking or shattering their paradigms through revealing the obvious, will begin seeking you out and your advice (read: wisdom.) Surprising people. People who you never thought would respond to you, let alone positively. That’s the beauty of “obviosity.” It is unassailable on so many levels. It can defend itself because frankly, it’s obvious. Only a fool would deny it. And the world is full of fools. Don’t be one.

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