Chapter 3 – Note 1 | Oblivious

Chapter 3 – Note 1 | Oblivious


The bad White Zone I’m talking about is like the example at the top of this chapter. Disconnected from your surroundings while supposedly up and functioning. Sure, I understand that we all are overwhelmed with images, messages and agendas in a relentless barrage of calculated disruption in our everyday lives. We need to filter and distance ourselves from the noise. It’s just that the White Zone is NOT the answer. It’s downright dangerous. Life and death dangerous. Think about the person lost in their mobile device, earbuds rockin’ and traversing the crosswalk while actively trying to disprove the Law of Impenetrability, (which states: “No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.”) by stepping in front of the distracted driver (texting) of a city bus. Ouch.

Really bad mojo.

A lot of bad stuff just happened here because of being in the White Zone at the wrong time, in the wrong place. And it doesn’t have to be by meeting a bus by accident on a public thoroughfare. It can happen when an opportunity presents itself to you in a meeting or when you are in an online community. You’re just not there and now you pay the opportunity cost for the opportunity lost. How big a deal was that? I dunno’. You tell me. I think the cost is obvious.

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