Chapter 3 – Episode 3 | Oblivious

Chapter 3 – Episode 3 | Oblivious


OK. So now you’re in the Yellow Zone and most of your surroundings are pretty obvious to you. Good for you. You should live in Yellow. It looks good on you. But, now you’ve identified a threat or opportunity. You should be assessing how to respond at this point. It generally happens in microseconds. Enhance the opportunity or mitigate the threat. You have now just passed the threshold into the Orange Zone. You have identified the risk. You have determined if it’s an opportunity or a threat. And you are formulating an immediate plan of action. You’re like a sprinter in the blocks waiting for the starter’s gun to go off. The next step is quite obvious.

The Red Zone. Game on. This is where you respond with all the APPROPRIATE energy and action for the given situation. Screaming, “AND I LOVE YOU, TOO!!!” may be way more energy than the situation calls for. A simple look and gentle touch may be all that’s necessary. Conversely, yanking the toddler’s hand away (and consequently the rest of the toddler) from the blazing, red hot, BBQ grill may be totally appropriate. But immediate action is the obvious key. No need to belabor the point. It’s obvious.

Now, like I said, there’s one more Zone I need to mention. The Brown Zone. It’s when your head is in a warm, dark, moist place that isn’t physiologically possible. Never be in the Brown Zone. It’s MUCH more dangerous than the White Zone. Trust me. I know. From first-hand experience.

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