Chapter 3 – Episode 2 | Oblivious

Chapter 3 – Episode 2 | Oblivious


Conversely, I’m not talking about being so hyper-alert all the time that you toast your adrenal gland while living in a constant state of “Fight or Flight.” No one can sustain that condition for long before crumbling into a heap of smoldering ashes. Obviously, there’s got to be some middle ground here. Let’s call it the “Yellow Zone.”

Keep in mind, we’re talking about risk here. What you need to understand is that risk comes in two flavors: Negative and Positive. Negative risks (meeting the potential future parents-in-law, driving on the freeway in L.A., putting your hand in a meat grinder) have potentially negative consequences. Positive risks (meeting the potential future parents-in-law, buying a lottery ticket, saying “I love you”) have the potential of bringing great joy and benefit both tangible and intangible. (Oh, you noticed that I listed the same event in both the Positive and Negative Risk examples. Good. I was just checking to see if you were staying out of the White Zone…)

Obviously, risks can go either way. You have to be present and paying attention to the obvious in order to know which way the tree is gonna’ fall. It even gives you the opportunity on occasion to help determine which way it’s gonna’ fall. Nice option. But it’s only going to happen if you have your head in the game. In the Yellow Zone.


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