Chapter 2 – Episode 3 | Occam

Chapter 2 – Episode 3 | Occam


The good news is that the obvious beauty of simplicity is totally irrepressible. It cannot be stopped or destroyed. It can only be covered for the briefest of moments until somebody comes along and sees the obvious sticking up from the mud. It’s not new, but its rediscovery is. And the person who rediscovers it has just grasped a brief glimpse of the obvious. They can keep that brilliant nano-moment to themselves, or they can release it to the astonishment of others around them. No. They didn’t see it. You did. It was obvious to you. They looked at it, but nobody “saw” it.

Now it’s your responsibility.


Simplicity has long been an ideal of humankind. One need only to look at the Stoics of ancient Greece, the Ascetics of the Protestant Reformation, the Zen Buddhists of Asian antiquity, the poets Whitman, Whittier, Cummings, the anonymous writers of Haiku, the mid 20th century “Minimalists,” or even the “100 Items Movement” or tiny house aficionados. Simplicity is a tauntingly elusive ideal paradigm. It’s always tantalizingly “just out of reach,” except to the hallowed few who have been able to escape the thrall of the current. When in fact, all they are simply seeking is to be in tune with the obvious.

OK. So, let’s be obvious.


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