Chapter 1 – Note 3 | Annoying

Chapter 1 – Note 3 | Annoying


OK, now let’s talk about knowledge (finally.) Knowledge is a collection of facts. Facts are true. In the proper context, they enable correct, proper and effective action. Out of order, or context, they will lead you on a merry chase… of your tail. When aligned with the understanding of wisdom, it becomes quite obvious which facts are applicable and which ones are irrelevant. Stating the obvious is therefore directly enabled by having wisdom, understanding and knowledge, in that particular order. Period.

[Note: For those of you who still insist on dropping immediately to the granular level; there you have it. You can now run along your merry way without reading the rest of the book. Write when you get work.  For those of us who really want to learn how to state the obvious… keep reading.]


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