Chapter 1 – Episode 3 | Annoying

Chapter 1 – Episode 3 | Annoying


So, wisdom becomes a very watershed bullet in one’s bandolier (to mix a metaphor.) If you don’t have it in its rightful place, as preeminent among all your other characteristics, you’re sadly out of order. I don’t mean out of order like eating dessert first (which I highly recommend. Life is short and uncertain), or like a broken parking meter. I mean out of order like locking the barn after the horse is stolen. Pretty doggone dumb.

Then, without having the understanding of wisdom, wisdom becomes just another pretty knick-knack on the trophy shelf of your life. As meaningless as that rhodium plated, vinyl clad, wood-grained plastic trophy you won for taking the Intramural (fill-in-the-blank) Championship ten years ago. It was important to you and perhaps others at the time, but pretty irrelevant now. Unless of course, you have applied or transferred the skills that got you that trophy, on a regular and on-going basis, in your life or the life of others. (translation: appropriation and application)

But how do you apply or transfer it to the rest of your life? Ah, be careful. That’s jumping right to the granular level. “What do I need to do… right now?” And you run the risk of learning nothing. It’s like giving someone directions based on right and left turns. As soon as you miss one or there’s a detour – you’re lost. But if you have a map and an understanding of North/South/East/West, you can still get there. You need to own it.

You must first seek wisdom and then understand it so you can appropriate it into your life. Make it part and parcel of your very being. Make your behavior indistinguishable from the actual wisdom itself. In the words of that great, intergalactic philosopher of long, long ago and far, far away, Yoda: “There is no try, only do.” But, there we go back to the granular level, again. “OK. So, how do I gain understanding of wisdom?”

Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere. That’s exactly the right question.

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