Chapter 1 – Episode 2 | Annoying

Chapter 1 – Episode 2 | Annoying


Being obvious is not easy, or for the timid. But speaking the truth to power has always been annoying and often very dangerous. This is where wisdom comes into play.

The good news is that wisdom is readily available for the asking. Look around you. As long as there have been people on this planet, there are those purporting to have wisdom and will share it. Either eagerly, or with a little coaxing. Because wisdom is, in its essence… obvious.

Wisdom is always true. It’s always obvious to the sincere seeker. And always benefits the recipient. The trick is in its appropriation and application. Not as easy as it sounds. But, when embraced – in the proper order – wisdom, understanding and knowledge are a potent combination. Especially when applied to creativity. Let’s begin.

Wisdom has often been contrasted with experience. Experience has been defined as what happens to you. Conversely, wisdom has been defined as somebody else’s experience. Wise words, but that’s the point. It’s obvious.

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