True. I am perhaps the most annoying person you will ever meet. But not for the reasons you might expect. Oh, I’m friendly enough. Witty, charming, good-looking, modest (ahem…) and generally likeable. But, I don’t tolerate bullies, boors or abuse – verbal or physical. I do not suffer fools lightly. I have a very low B.S. tolerance and lies are totally unacceptable to me. So, in most cases I tend to be uncomfortably outspoken and the really annoying part is… (wait for it…) (wait for it…) I reveal the obvious truth. There you have it. And what’s the most annoying part of it is: That the vast majority of people already knew, in their hearts, the truth of what I just stated… before I said it. Now this could simply be annoying in the same way as watching TV when some wildly enthusiastic commercial comes on that is selling the exact same invention that you thought of years ago. Or it may be simply declaring that “The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!” Or it may be revealing the truth that your audience simply didn’t want to hear. In any event, revealing the obvious is annoying on so many levels, to so many degrees and to so many people that the faint of heart simply avoid it, return their heads to the sand and thereby offer a very unfortunate presentation of themselves to the world at large. More at