Revealing the Obvious


The most annoying person
you will ever meet

True. I am perhaps the most annoying person you will ever meet. But not for the reasons you might expect. Oh, I’m friendly enough. Witty, charming, good-looking, modest (ahem…) and generally likeable. But, I don’t tolerate bullies, boors or abuse – verbal or physical. I do not suffer fools lightly. I have a very low B.S. tolerance and lies are totally unacceptable to me. So, in most cases I tend to be uncomfortably outspoken and the really annoying part is

(wait for it…)

(wait for it…)

I speak the obvious truth.

There you have it. And what’s the most annoying part of it is: That the vast majority of people already knew, in their hearts, the truth of what I just stated… before I said it. Now this could simply be

annoying in the same way as watching TV when some wildly enthusiastic commercial comes on that is selling the exact same invention that you thought of years ago. Or it may be simply declaring that “The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!” Or it may be speaking the truth that your audience simply didn’t want to hear. In any event, revealing the obvious is…


“The Obvious Path” is the graphic creation of Phillip Ortiz, an up and coming cartoonist and illustrator. He has given life to the strips’ unlikely friends, Schnitzl and P’Nut. They appear as color commentary in each of the book’s chapters. Schnitzl is

a wired (possibly over-caffeinated) little seeker that just can’t sit still. Her mouth often works before her brain is engaged. P’Nut, on the other hand, is a lumbering, gentle giant with a slow internal clock speed. But, don’t underestimate him.

He’s very smart. Between the two of them, they wrestle with the concepts of “obviosity” in each chapter. Sometimes they do well, other times, not so much. Kinda’ like me.


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This is a highly readable, entertaining take on individual perception and creativity. The author’s voice and personality make the overall message and concept especially sensible and appealing. We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how we perceive the world, or how our actions may influence and affect those around us. Steve Buck does, and offers unique approaches to creative thought in a provocative and appealing voice.

Jerry Greenfield

Wine consultant, Educator and Author

We all become wrapped up in our own work and endeavors. We call this “tunnel vision” because we either cannot see outside of the tunnel, or are told NOT to consider any other way. If you try something different, especially if you work for others, you may find yourself permanently sealed in that same tunnel. This book is a humorous eye opener. If you tripped over a bar of gold, you would probably notice it and react accordingly. SPOILER ALERT! This book is that bar of gold, reminding us to be mindful of our world and what surrounds us!

Stratton Smith, JD, LLM, Esq.

Estate and Tax Planning Atty.

Steve Buck has distilled a lifetime of insatiable curiosity, lived experiences, and purposed learning into a very readable guide for personal development. Steve has a real knack for distilling ancient truths and recasting them into modern-day parables that help to facilitate understanding and integration into our daily lives.

Steve Fussell

Public Sector Chief Administrator
Lifetime Mensa Member

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    About the author

    Steve Buck – author, teacher, friend, obvious kinda’ guy

    Mr. Buck was born at a very early age in Cincinnati, Ohio to sensible Midwestern parents who had unrealistically optimistic expectations for his future. Abandoning a free-ride (tuition, books, room and board) at the University of Cincinnati, he sold his MG Midget and ran away to NYC to become a rich and famous actor. After an extended, but stellar career waiting tables, he was encouraged by threat of imminent starvation to return to his design roots.

    Steve lied his way into his first job in advertising and started as an Art Director at a Madison Avenue ad agency. Within a few short years he opened his own agency, Douglaston/Stevens, in the now trendy Chelsea area of Manhattan. He continued to knock around advertising after he emigrated to Tampa. But, his passion has always been teaching and writing. So, this book became the obvious venue to pursue his creativity, sleep indoors and take regular meals.

    And in spite of everything, his wife still loves him.

    The obvious blog…